ARTichoke Rainbow, Easter egg craft kit

Easter Decor

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Decorating Easter eggs should not always mean colouring or dyeing.

This amazing Easter egg decoration kit has everything to impress. Show the world your creative nature with wonderful "artichokes" or "dragon eggs" this Easter.


  • Circles multi-coloured decorative paper elements for 4 eggs
  • PVA glue
  • 4 plastic stands.

Turn the Easter egg into your own masterpiece!


  1. Prepare 4 hard-boiled eggs and let them cool down. Detach all multi-coloured circles for 1 egg from the paper base. Keep them in separates groups so that you can make desired colour transitions.
  2. Glue the circles to the egg: start with three circles on the top of the egg, press them in and dry for 1-2 minutes.
  3. Each following row should overlap the previous one. Alow the current row to dry before starting on the next one. In such manner glue all the rows to cover the egg completely.
  4. Place the decorated egg on the plastic stand.

The ARTichoke series contain 4 sets: Rainbow, Peacock, Pastel and Light. Collect them all!