Baby Animals, Easter craft kit

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Make Easter egg decorating extra special for your kids with this kit.

The adorable baby animals (cat, dog, cow, tiger and zebra) are made with hard-boiled chicken eggs.


  • 5 x “Skins” egg shrinking wraps
  • 5 x Paper animal faces
  • 5 x Paper animal tales
  • 5 x Paper animals feet (decorative paper stands)
  • Double-sided adhesive dots


  1. Cut the film into separate shrinking wraps
  2. Gently slip a hard-boiled egg into the shrinking wrap
  3. Carefully place the egg on a table spoon and dip into boiling water for 3-5 seconds
  4. The egg wrap will instantly shrink around the egg! Please use hard-boiled eggs of small to medium size. Allow eggs to cool down before continuing.
  5. Using double-sided adhesive dots, attach the decorative animal faces and tale to the eggs
  6. Roll the decorative paper stand (animal legs) and join the edges to make a ring
  7. Place the baby animal on the decorative stand CAUTION! Adult supervision is required! The perfect Easter gift for friends and family!