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This year we celebrate both Western Easter and Orthodox Easter on the same date - the 16th of April. This is not a regular occurrence and the next time when both Easters fall on the same date will be in 2025. So let's prepare for this special day all together!
People prepare for Easter in different ways, but decorated Easter eggs remain the traditional symbols of the celebrations. Moreover, it is a good custom to decorate the eggs with children.

Brightly-coloured Easter egg shrinking wraps are fun for the whole family. Not to mention that it is a great gift idea! Plus, decorated chicken eggs are a healthy and natural alternative to all the chocolate around us.
Make your table bright with Easter eggs decorated by colourful shrinking wraps in Russian-style design. 
Also why not try to make an Easter Kulich using specially designed paper baking pans.
At you can buy Easter egg shrinking wraps, baking paper pans for Kulich, forms for Russian cheese "Paskha", plenty of Easter egg dyes and Easter craft kits for your children.
And when you will be ready to bake your Kulich, please check our Easter recipes.

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